Breathing Heart

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Breathing Heart is an installation that I try to make express delivery bag breathing like a human being. The idea is from my daily commute in the subway. People look numb and tired on the subway train. I imagine people’s hearts are taking deep breaths to be relaxed at that moment. So I plan to make a heart-shaped balloon that can breathe like a human being. I use the daily material which familiar to almost everyone. I recycle a plastic express delivery bag, sewing it heart-shaped. Then I use Arduino to control it's inflating and deflating by two air pumps. The rhythm is like the deep breathing of a human being. The sound of the airflow is also similar to the deep breathing of a human being. The delivery bag naturally sits on a delivery box and 'breathes' slowly. I try to give people a healing feeling when they interact with this installation.

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Painting poems on the wall and objects.